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MonoPrice has iPhone 4 screen protectors in stock.

Just got word via email, that MonoPrice, my favorite online accessory stop, has finally received stock of iPhone 4 screen protectors. I am looking at a order a few myself. The price on theses are really good. For just one screen protector it will cost you just $.96 plus shipping. You’re probably wondering about the […]

My thoughts about Apple’s “Antennagate”

Like a number of iPhone 4 users, I have noticed the significant drop of signal when covering the lower left hand corner with my hand or a finger. My bars will slowly begin to drop until I have about 1 or 2 bars left. Overall, this has been a non-issue for me because I use […]

Apple announces press conference on Friday regarding iPhone 4

Many of the major blogs are reporting that Apple has announced a press conference this Friday regarding the iPhone 4. No word yet as to what the topic would be, but most folks believe it will be able the signal/antenna issues. I am one of the poor folks who have and can faithfully reproduce the […]

How to import your PDFs to iBooks

I have a few PDFs that I read on a monthly basis or refer to for work. So when iBooks added PDF support, I decided to give it a try. Admittedly, I couldn’t figure out how to add a PDF to my iPhone 4 without emailing it to myself or downloading it from Mobile Safari. […]

Deals: FREE iPhone 4 Case + Shipping! from Boxwave

This is a great deal that a friend just emailed me about. Boxwave is currently offering several iPhone 4 cases for free. You only have to pay shipping. I have shopped from Boxwave in years past. A solid company and great customer service.┬áNot sure how much longer this will last as I found out about […]