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Christmas App Countdown: GoodReader (iOS only)

If you are giving away an iPad (you generous soul you), iPhone, or iPod Touch this Christmas, GoodReader will be a great “accessory” to give with it. GoodReader is a PDF reader, picture viewing, text editor, PDF annotator/highlighter, video viewing, HTML and Safari webarcives viewing, and more. It is one of my most used apps […]

How to import your PDFs to iBooks

I have a few PDFs that I read on a monthly basis or refer to for work. So when iBooks added PDF support, I decided to give it a try. Admittedly, I couldn’t figure out how to add a PDF to my iPhone 4 without emailing it to myself or downloading it from Mobile Safari. […]

iPhone 4 – my next gadget purchase.

Yesterday, Steve Jobs and company released iPhone 4 and renamed the iPhone OS to iOS4. I had the chance to follow it via Twitter and Engadget’s live updates. I was glad that WWDC and my vacation lined up. Yes, I will be purchasing one as soon as I can. My greatest disappointment from the keynote […]