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My thoughts on iOS 4

Here’s a good summary from Engadget of iOS 4 for those with an iPhone 3G or an iPod Touch 2nd generation. Sadly, I’m disappointed with some of the missing features. I loaded iOS 4 on both my wife’s and son’s iPod Touches. Sure I expected multitasking to not be available for an older device, but […]

I’ve pre-ordered my iPhone 4

Today, Apple is allowing pre-orders of the iPhone 4. This has been a long time coming for me and I am so glad that I have waited. Since the iPhone 4 was introduced, I have watched all the videos and read thru the specs of the new device. My dad and I have conversed over […]

Top tasks programs for Mac

If you have tired of using pen and paper to make todo lists and frequently lose them in the washing machine or out the car window as you drive, then what follows will surely be a help for you. The world wide web affords many a task/todo program; finding the right one though can be […]

iPhone 4 – my next gadget purchase.

Yesterday, Steve Jobs and company released iPhone 4 and renamed the iPhone OS to iOS4. I had the chance to follow it via Twitter and Engadget’s live updates. I was glad that WWDC and my vacation lined up. Yes, I will be purchasing one as soon as I can. My greatest disappointment from the keynote […]

Let it began! Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote.

Yes, I love days like today. The anticipation, the rumors, the drama, the everything about Steve Jobs’ keynotes especially at WWDC as he is very likely to reveal a new iPhone. As some of you already know, my iPhone is the original iPhone 2G. Stood in line for over 9 hours the day of its […]