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Amazon loses $10 on every Kindle Fire sold

You knew Amazon was out looking to leave their mark on the tablet market. Many folks are excited about their latest product, the Kindle Fire. Indeed, it is a tablet device I could see getting my kids even myself. At $200, it’s a whole lot easier to justify and pay for my kids. After all, […]

Welcome Mac App Store! My first purchases.

Apple this past Thursday released their Mac App Store. A iTunes like store filled with apps just for your Mac. It holds a lot of promise despite some initial difficulties. Yet, I still like the prices seem more reasonable, my purchases are available on all my Macs, and software updates are easy. The Mac App […]

Just for fun… Does using Apple products make you a better Christian?

Now, as stated clearly above. This post is just for fun. It also was not written by me, but a friend of mine emailed it to me, so I thought I’d share. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. “There have been times when certain individuals have made fun of me and my […]

calvetica – bringing sanity back to your calendar

Have you even been to the point where getting things done seemed like getting nothing done? I have. No matter what calendar iPhone app I tried, I could not find one that was a productive, effective calendar app or as I have termed it — profective (defined as something being successfully useful). Don’t even get […]

TraxItAll for iPhone – motivate yourself to achieve your goals

This afternoon I received an email from the TraxItAll developers that an iPhone version was available. I’m quite excited about this news. Apparently, it has been out for a little while now. Not sure how I missed that! TraxItAll has been mentioned before on my blog. It’s one of those apps that I had on my […]

iHome’s AirPlay wireless speaker system

Apple continues to add features to its iOS devices. Building upon AirTunes, AirPlay will allow you to stream your music to several speakers which support AirPlay. iHome reveled its first AirPlay compatible speaker system. It claims to have a rechargeable battery making it extremely portable in your home. The gadget should be available in time […]

Logos Bible software celebrating new Mac version with giveaway

I love my Logos Bible Software 4 for Mac (even in beta its great!) Earlier this year, I purchased it during one of their sales. It has proven to help me be more productive and cover more material in my studying then I had before. If you are not familiar with Logos software (they offer […]

Apple’s latest updates: Magic Trackpad

Apple announced several updates to its products on Tuesday. They also announced a new product called Magic Trackpad. It is essentially a stand alone trackpad similar to what you would find on your laptop, but it’s for your desktop computer. The device works with both Windows and Mac computers. It supports several gesture combinations that […]

My thoughts about Apple’s “Antennagate”

Like a number of iPhone 4 users, I have noticed the significant drop of signal when covering the lower left hand corner with my hand or a finger. My bars will slowly begin to drop until I have about 1 or 2 bars left. Overall, this has been a non-issue for me because I use […]

Apple announces press conference on Friday regarding iPhone 4

Many of the major blogs are reporting that Apple has announced a press conference this Friday regarding the iPhone 4. No word yet as to what the topic would be, but most folks believe it will be able the signal/antenna issues. I am one of the poor folks who have and can faithfully reproduce the […]