Welcome Mac App Store! My first purchases.

by Gadget Pastor

Apple this past Thursday released their Mac App Store. A iTunes like store filled with apps just for your Mac. It holds a lot of promise despite some initial difficulties. Yet, I still like the prices seem more reasonable, my purchases are available on all my Macs, and software updates are easy. The Mac App Store seems like a win-win for both developers and users. Developers can create and then showcase their software in the Mac App Store no longer having to worry about building a new website or creating/managing user registration codes.

Now, the big question what did I buy on opening day? Well, here is the list.

  • Angry Birds – it looks incredible in HD!
  • Chopper 2 – still having got the hang of it, but for the price I had to try.
  • Flight Control HD – love playing this on my iPhone, on my Mac is a no brainer.
  • iRingtones – for $.99 I can create a myriad number of annoying tunes to wake up to.
  • Twitter – it’s free and I enjoy to tweet.
  • YummySoup! – a recipe manager for my wife. She has been looking for something like this.
  • Swackett – a nifty weather app that has a unique style and Google Ads.
  • iPhoto ’11 – was holding out for this one in the App Store as I really don’t use iMovie or Garageband that much.

That’s it and I didn’t break the bank. Still eyeing Pixelmator and a few other apps, but will have to wait for now. If you don’t have a Mac, well maybe Microsoft will copy this too in the coming months, but if you do, have fun shopping!