Just for fun… Does using Apple products make you a better Christian?

by Gadget Pastor

Now, as stated clearly above. This post is just for fun. It also was not written by me, but a friend of mine emailed it to me, so I thought I’d share. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

“There have been times when certain individuals have made fun of me and my love for Apple products. In my interactions with this individual, who happens to be pastor I work with, I have chosen not to retaliate. Why? Because I know one, simple, profound truth: Apple products actually make you a better Christian.

Is this really possible, you ask? Yes it is. It’s more than possible, it’s true. Here’s just a few reasons why:

Apple Products Don’t Tempt You to Anger and Despair

You’ve been working on an important presentation for the last hour, furiously typing away on your PC. Suddenly, without any provocation from you, a mysterious error message appears on the screen. Due to you pressing the enter key too many times, your computer must now shutdown and erase all the work you’ve done over the last hour. You want to scream. Then you do. You momentarily contemplate hurling your laptop out the window. You’re angry at the world, then at your computer, then at Bill Gates. Then you sink into a pit of despair as you realize that you must recreate what you just lost.

Apple helps you flee from temptation.

Apple Products Are An Evangelism Tool…”

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